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What does it mean when they say the Insurance Market is Hardening?

Good question!

We are hearing this phrase used now and the answer is that the insurance industry goes through swings between times when the insurance companies are competing for your business with lower rates and times when rates are increased. We are in a time of catastrophic claims due to Fire, Flooding and Hail- things Colorado has experienced this year and a large area of the country are experiencing catastrophic destruction. The cost to the insurance companies is severe and it will be reflected in higher rates which is a response to these difficult times.

We can help you know what to expect in your insurance costs and what you can do to be sure you are adequately protected. Ahern is an independent agency which means we are licensed with a wide variety of companies to quote with and we have the tools we need to help you assess the values of your property and the knowledge of the changing trends in litigation. We don’t have a crystal ball but we are equipped to help you at this time and will make every effort to assess your insurance needs.

Call us today, we will do everything we can to help you and give you honest answers to your questions!


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