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Are you insuring your car for Liability only? Consider this:

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

A’Hern Insurance Agency knows that insurance can be a little overwhelming and details can be overlooked when you are making decisions about your insurance, let us help you.

Automobile insurance in the U.S. consists of three components: liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. While many drivers carry all three, they’re only required by law in most states to carry liability insurance. As your vehicle gets older and less valuable many of us insure it for Liability ONLY to save money- we suggest you consider the following when making this decision.

Comprehensive coverage is not exactly “comprehensive” but does pay for car theft as well as damage to your vehicle from weather, floods, fire, vandalism, animal crashes, falling objects such as tree branches and more.

Liability ONLY can be a good choice for your auto but we recommend you let us quote Liability and Comprehensive coverage before removing all types of loss to your vehicle.

Call us today for a FREE no obligation quote: 303-991-7177

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